Resolutions For a Pain Free New Year

Resolve to Be Pain-Free

resolutions for back pain relief


The New Year is just a few days away. It's the time of year that many resolve to make some changes in their lives and start fresh. If you suffer with back or neck pain, this is the time to resolve to be pain free. And, following these simple lifestyle changes can make a positive impact on your life, your health, and your back.

  1. Practice good posture. Poor posture puts unnecessary strain on backs and necks. Maintaining good posture takes pressure off the nerves and could reduce your back pain.
  2. Stop smoking. You know that smoking can cause many health issues including cancer, but did you know that smokers are more likely to suffer from back pain than nonsmokers. Giving up smoking could help say goodbye to chronic lower back pain.
  3. Avoid stress. People often unknowingly tense their muscles when feeling stress, especially the muscles of their, neck and shoulders, which results in tight back muscles, shoulder and neck pain, and persistent headaches. If you already suffer from back pain, added stress and tension can easily worsen your condition. Stress relief can help lessen back pain and reduce your risk of a heart attack.
  4. Get active. most of us spend a significant portion of our day sitting in front of a computer or TV. Not only is a sedentary lifestyle bad for your health, but being inactive can contribute to back pain or neck pain. Make a resolution to get up several times throughout the day to stretch your joints by taking a short walk around your home or office.
  5. Eat healthy. Eating a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet chocked full of fresh fruits and vegetables can reduce chronic inflammation which can slow down or prevent healing. It can also lead to long-term pain in the joints, or even progress into auto-immune diseases like arthritis.
  6. Lose weight. Being overweight not only puts extra stress on your heart, it could also be the source of back pain. Extra weight lowers the body’s center of gravity and places additional strain on the lower back. Resolve today to lose weight and keep it off with the help of Busch Chiropractic and New Life Body Sculpting's weight loss plans.
  7. Schedule an appointment. Resolve to relieve back pain or neck pain this year.At Busch Chiropractic in Fort Wayne, we've helped thousands of people over the years who suffered with chronic pain conditions including degenerative or herniated discs, sciatic pain, facet syndrome, and failed neck or back surgery. Schedule an appointment at Busch Chiropractic today to learn how our DRS Protocol treatment can help you reach your pain-free goals.

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