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Ready to lose up to 40 pounds and 25 inches in just 6 weeks?

Do you struggle with losing weight? Have you tried other diet plans without success? Our Fort Wayne weight loss clinic, New Life Body Sculpting, has developed a natural and effective weight loss and fat loss program, that makes it easy to lose weight fast! The New Life Body Sculpting weight loss program significantly reduces not only weight but also body fat and inches through a natural process that boosts the metabolism and promotes the body to burn fat reserves at over 4000 calories per day.

The protocol, featuring ChiroTHIN™ along with Zerona™ laser fat reduction achieves an average loss of 28 pounds and 13 inches lost, all by targeting body fat reserves. With our non-invasive treatment, there are no hunger, downtime, bruising or side effects. Patients even see an increase in overall energy levels and have never felt better!

With the New Life Body Sculpting Program, you'll learn how to lose weight and how to lose belly fat, safe and naturally without liposuction or other invasive procedures.

Weight Loss Fort Wayne

Whether you need to lose 15 pounds or 100 pounds, our weight loss plan will be the last diet you'll ever try! Read reviews of New Life Body Sculpting to see why our clients think it's the best weight loss plan in Fort Wayne!

Contact New Life Body Sculpting at 260-471-1120, or toll-free at 855-471-1120. Also, visit our website at www.NewLifeBodySculpting.com.