Research Articles on DRS

Not sure what to think about the DRS Protocol®? These research articles on DRS will give you a better understanding of this effective treatment for back pain and neck pain.

Links & Downloads

Find helpful information on the basics of genetic engineering and the basics of battling stress.

Causes of Neck & Back Pain

Learn more about the different causes of neck and back pain, including: herniated and bulging disc, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, spinal stenosis, and facet syndrome.

Should I Have Back Surgery?

Should you have back surgery for a herniated or degenerative disc? Dr. Busch discusses 5 things to consider before having back surgery including complications, success rates, and non-surgical treatment options.

Back Pain Self-Test

Are You Tired of Low Back Pain? Are You Looking For Help? Take our self-test. When you read the sentences that people have used to describe back pain, you may find that some stand out because they describe you today.

Neck Pain Self-Test

Are You Tired of Neck Pain? Are You Looking For Help? Take our self-test. This questionnaire has been designed to provide information as to how your neck pain has affected your ability to manage everyday life.

Surgery Not Included Book

*Surgery not Included by Dr. Richard E. Busch III

Surgery Not Included, by Dr. Busch, offers hope to those suffering from debilitating back or neck pain, presenting alternatives to surgery or enduring chronic pain, with strategies aimed at significantly reducing or eliminating pain without surgical intervention. This book serves as a guide for patients seeking effective, non-surgical relief and a better quality of life.