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Explore effective, non-surgical treatments for back and neck pain conditions, tailored to provide lasting pain relief and improve mobility.

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Do you suffer with back or neck pain? Have you tried traditional chiropractic, pain medications, or back surgery and are still in pain? Have you been told that you just have to live with the pain? We may be able help! Busch Chiropractic Pain Center in Fort Wayne has helped thousands of people suffering from back and neck pain conditions relieve pain without surgery or addictive medications.

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Back and Neck Pain Conditions

Back and neck pain can significantly impact your daily life, limiting mobility and reducing quality of life. At Busch Chiropractic, we understand your challenges and are dedicated to offering effective, non-surgical solutions. Our neck and back pain treatments target the root causes of your pain, providing you with lasting relief and helping you regain your pain-free lifestyle.

The symptoms of peripheral neuropathy often manifest in the feet and legs or hands and arms, presenting a range of discomforts. Patients may experience everything from mild tingling and/or numbness to severe pain, significantly impacting daily life. These symptoms can also include muscle weakness, loss of coordination, and changes in touch sensitivity, particularly affecting fine motor skills. Early detection is vital; if left untreated, peripheral neuropathy can lead to permanent nerve damage and the possible loss of extremities.

We offer treatment for the following back and neck pain conditions:

Back and Neck Pain Treatment

At Busch Chiropractic in Fort Wayne, we specialize in comprehensive treatments for back and neck pain that go beyond temporary relief. Our approach includes advanced diagnostic techniques to identify the underlying cause of your pain. We then use customized, nonsurgical treatment protocols, tailored to your specific needs, to relieve your pain.

Our dedicated team works closely with each patient to ensure that they receive the most effective care to improve their quality of life.

Our Treatments Include:

  • DRS Protocol® – Specialized back and neck disc treatment protocol, based on patient’s individual and specific needs, offered exclusively at Busch Chiropractic Fort Wayne.
  • Busch Neuropathy Protocol™ – Specializes in the treatment of painful cramping, burning and tingling and sharp pains in the legs and feet, difficulty walking, numbness and even interruption of sleep due to neuropathy pain.
  • Spinal Care – Treating and correcting spinal conditions and muscle imbalance via manual manipulation and non-force adjustment.
  • Chronic & Complex Conditions – Specialized aggressive treatment designed to deal with the nutritional aspects of any condition (the chemical aspects of the disease).
  • Pain Management – Determining individual characteristics which differentiate an individual’s pain and treating the according factors.
  • Enzyme Therapy – Treating the human body through enzyme replacement allows the system to function properly.
  • Weight Loss – Taking the body to its natural weight by increasing metabolism and turning your body into an efficient machine.
  • Vitamin Center – Allowing patients access to the finest vitamin and nutritional supplements.
  • DMX™ – Evaluating the extent of your soft tissue injury or whiplash.

Back & Neck Pain Treatment in Fort Wayne

If you’re seeking effective back and neck pain treatment in Fort Wayne, contact Busch Chiropractic. Our proven methods and personalized care are designed to provide you with relief from chronic pain conditions. Don’t let pain control your life! Call us today to schedule an appointment and take the first step towards a pain-free future.

Take our back pain self-test or neck pain self-test to find out if you’re a candidate for our back and neck pain treatment.

Hear from one of our back pain patients

“Thanks to Dr. Busch and the DRS Protocol, I am pain-free!”

Ernie is back to enjoying life without any limitations after back pain treatment at Busch Chiropractic.

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