STOP! Before Considering back surgery, watch this!

Are you suffering from back pain due to a herniated or degenerative disc? Are you considering back surgery to treat your herniated disc? A herniated disc also called a bulging disc, slipped disc, or ruptured disc, is one of the most common causes of low back pain and sciatica (leg pain). Every year, millions of people seek relief from their herniated disc pain. However, if you’re considering a microdiscectomy or fusion back surgery to relieve your pain, watch this video first.

5 Things to Consider Before Having Back Surgery for a Herniated Disc

Fort Wayne Chiropractor, Dr. Richard Busch, discusses these 5 things to consider before having back surgery.

  1. Do you really need back surgery?
  2. Back surgery complications
  3. Back surgery recovery time
  4. Surgery success rates
  5. Non-surgical treatment options

What is Back Surgery

Back surgery, also called lumbar decompression surgery, is a surgical procedure used to treat conditions such as herniated discs. A doctor may recommend surgery to people who suffer from chronic back pain due to a disc condition after procedures such as steroid injections fail to correct the condition. During surgery, an incision is made in the back in order to surgically remove the herniated portion of the disc.

Does Back Surgery Work?

In some cases yes, however in many cases back surgeries don’t work. Some people who undergo back surgery may feel relief for a short time after recovery, but many require an additional surgery within 3-5 years after the first surgery, this is known as failed back surgery syndrome. In the end, surgery just does not provide significant improvement to herniated disc sufferers.

Back Surgery Complications

Back surgery can be a terrifying word to someone suffering from back pain, and rightfully so. Not everyone who undergoes surgery has complications, however, there are risks with all surgeries and invasive procedures.

Back surgery complications may include:

  • Infections such as MRSA
  • Adverse reactions to anesthesia
  • Blood clots
  • Heart attacks or strokes
  • Nerve Damage

Back Surgery Alternatives

At Busch Chiropractic we’ve treated many patients with failed back surgery. Our DRS Protocol® treatment which utilizes spinal decompression therapy is a safe, effective alternative to back surgery. The DRS Protocol® is nonsurgical, safe, pain-free, and requires no recovery time.

If you’re considering back surgery for the relief of a herniated disc or degenerative disc, contact Busch Chiropractic in Fort Wayne first to learn more about our nonsurgical treatment options. Call us today at (260) 471-4090 or schedule an appointment online.

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