Relieving Back Pain with a Healthy Diet

A proper diet could provide back pain relief

There is no denying that eating a healthy diet is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle. Along with a healthier lifestyle, evidence also shows that eating nutritionally rich foods is an essential part of healing from injury and recovering from aches and pain. Yes, you read that right.  If you are suffering from chronic neck pain or back pain, the answer might be as simple as your diet!

The Healing Role of Anti-Inflammatory Foods in your Diet

A recent study looks at the role that a healthy diet -- specifically foods that are "anti-inflammatory" -- plays in the body's healing ability.  Inflammation of the body's tissue and joint cells occurs when the cells are fueled by foods with a low nutritional value and/or a high level of chemical or artificial additives. Chronic inflammation can slow down or prevent healing. It can also lead to long-term pain in the joints and tissues, or even progress into auto-immune diseases like arthritis.

Medical professionals suggest that an anti-inflammatory diet can promote recovery and stimulate healing. When the body's cells are properly fueled by healthy, natural and vitamin-rich foods, the cells perform at their peak. This helps the body recover as quickly as possible and stay healthy longer. Key components of an anti-inflammatory diet are to:

Back Pain Relief in Fort Wayne

At Busch Chiropractic in Fort Wayne, we specialize in all natural back pain treatment options, such as the highly effective DRS Protocol.  The DRS Protocol, along with a healthy, healing diet can help your body heal, and safeguard your good health for years to come.

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