Can stress be adding to your back pain

can stress cause back pain

Is Stress Making Your Back Pain Worse?

Stress -- a.k.a overwork, tension, anxiety, worry -- is hard to avoid. For many of us it has become almost a daily norm. Our bodies are adept at dealing with some levels of stress, but when the tension lasts too long our musculoskeletal systems can really suffer. 

Your back is a complex structure of muscles, joints and bones. People often unknowingly tense their muscles when feeling stress, especially the muscles of their, neck and shoulders, which results in tight back muscles, shoulder and neck pain, and persistent headaches. If you already suffer from back pain, added stress and tension can easily worsen your condition. 

Stress happens in life, but how you choose to handle it can lessen it's impact on your back and the rest of you body as well. When stress occurs remember these tips from the American Chiropractors Association.

Try different stress-relief methods. When you find some that work, make it a habit to keep using them -- on stressful days, or not. For chronic back pain, speak to a professional. At Busch Chiropractic in Fort Wayne we believe that no one should have to "just live with the pain". We offer a "whole patient" approach to help our patients deal with stress, tension and physical conditions. Our goal is that their backs -- and the rest of them -- stay healthy and pain free.

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