5 Signs It’s Time for Carpal Tunnel Treatment

signs it's time for carpal tunnel treatment

What is carpal tunnel? Carpal tunnel is caused by compression of a nerve in your hand that can be due to certain health issues or persistent overextension of the wrist. Health issues can include diabetes, arthritis, and thyroid conditions. Occupational hazards can include keyboard work or work with tools that vibrate. 

Annually, 3 to 6% of the population suffers from carpal tunnel symptoms. It's a fairly common condition with many carpal tunnel sufferers often turn to surgery to try to relieve the pain. However, recovery can take 6 weeks or up to a year to regain basic functionality. The build-up of scar tissue is a symptom of surgery which can make carpal tunnel symptoms worse after surgery than they were before. So, what can you do to relieve carpal tunnel pain without surgery? 

A carpal tunnel brace can be worn during a flare-up to help alleviate symptoms of mild carpal tunnel. In more chronic cases, or to relieve carpal tunnel pain before it worsens, The Busch Stem Cell Stimulation Protocol has helped relieve carpal tunnel without surgery or drugs.

What Does a Carpal Tunnel Brace Do?

Specially designed to treat carpal tunnel, these braces help your wrist maintain a neutral position. This can lead to less pressure on the median nerve. You might wear a brace while you work if your occupation places you at risk, or you might wear it at night.
Because braces and splints have no permanent or long-term side effects, they're a popular and convenient for carpal tunnel sufferers to try. Not only can these braces be worn at night while sleeping, but patients can also wear them at work.

Signs It's Time for Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Because carpal tunnel symptoms can come and go, a brace can often provide the support and relief you need within a few weeks to a few months. However, these five symptoms of carpal tunnel may indicate that it's time for treatment.

1. You experience a pins-and-needles sensation when you wake up. This is especially common in the thumb, forefinger, and even middle finger. You might also experience this sensation during the day while working, and find yourself shaking your hand to relieve it.
2. You feel pain or burning sensations that radiate up your forearm from your wrist or hand.
3. You lose sleep at night due to wrist pain.
4. You experience weakness in your hand muscles, particularly at the base of the thumb. Your hand may feel weaker or you might find yourself dropping items.
5. You experience feelings of electric shock in your fingers. This feeling can also occur in the hand.

If you're suffering from any of these 5 indicators of carpal tunnel, it may be time to seek treatment. Alternative carpal tunnel treatments such as the Busch Stem Cell Stimulation Protocol are an effective, nonsurgical, and drug-free treatment for carpal tunnel.

Benefits of the Busch Stem Cell Stimulation Protocol

For many patients, the Busch Stem Cell Stimulation Protocol can alleviate symptoms and complications of carpal tunnel syndrome. There are a number of other benefits, including:

These benefits make the Busch Stem Cell Stimulation Protocol a realistic and popular treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Carpal tunnel doesn't have to put your life on hold, deprive you of sleep, or make work painful. If you experience any of these symptoms, contact Busch Chiropractic today to learn more about the Busch Stem Cell Stimulation Protocol, an effective alternative to surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome. Contact us today to discuss how our nonsurgical treatment can help relieve your carpal tunnel pain and symptoms.

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