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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a pervasive work-related injury that causes wrist pain and costs sufferers, and their employers, thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of lost productivity. Carpal Tunnel occurs more often in women than in men. It is especially common in people whose jobs require repetitive motion, such as computer work, mechanics, sewing, cleaning, assembly-line manufacturing, and work that requires the use of vibrating hand tools. Many people who suffer from CTS often undergo carpal tunnel surgery, but does it work, is it worth the risk, and what nonsurgical methods are available?

Surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The discomfort of carpal tunnel syndrome leads many sufferers to surgery. However, surgery has risks that should be considered, including: recurring symptoms soon after, scaring or injury to the nerve, the need for additional surgeries. As Dr. Richard E. Busch III, Fort Wayne chiropractor, warnes, “After surgery the nerve may scar down to surrounding structures within the carpal tunnel. Portions of the transverse carpal tunnel ligament may reform and cause pressure on the nerve. Irreversible damage to the median nerve, branches of the median nerve, or nearby nerves are among the most serious complications of carpal tunnel surgery. This could result in pain and permanent loss of feeling and function.”

CTS can be debilitating and costly. While carpal tunnel surgery is an option, nonsurgical treatments should be considered because of the unreliable success rates and the many associated risks of surgery.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery Alternative

Nonsurgical treatments for CTS can involve immobilization of the wrist in a splint, strengthening exercises, and avoidance of activities that worsen the symptoms. For patients with chronic or severe CTS, the Busch Stem Cell Stimulation Protocol™, developed by Dr. Richard Busch of Busch Chiropractic in Fort Wayne, has helped patients get relief from carpal tunnel without surgery and the recovery time associated with surgery. “We have seen great results with the Busch Stem Cell Stimulation Protocol™,” states Dr. Busch. “It is a safe and effective, nonsurgical treatment that employs multiple treatment aspects including focused wave therapy, chiropractic care, and leading-edge noninvasive neurological treatment therapies.”

The carpal tunnel treatment available at Buch Chiropractic allows patients to continue working while undergoing treatment. Patients treated with the Busch Stem Cell Stimulation Protocol™ reported decreased pain and numbness as well as increased mobility and strength which improved their daily life and ability to work.

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