What Is the Best Non-Surgical Treatment for Back Pain

best nonsurgical treatment for back pain

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In our last "Ask the Doc" post, we answered the question "How can I avoid back pain?" In the latest installment of our series, Dr. Busch answers the question:

"What is the best non-surgical treatment for back pain?"

Unfortunately, surgery or other invasive treatments such as epidurals are often the first-course of action prescribed for back pain sufferers. However, surgery does not have to be, and shouldn't be, the go-to treatment for back pain. At Busch Chiropractic in Fort Wayne we have treated hundreds of patients suffering from chronic back pain using only non-invasive treatments. In fact, I am so convinced that surgery is almost never the best approach, that I wrote a book about it: *Surgery Not Included: Freedom from Chronic Neck and Back Pain

I developed the DRS Protocol specifically to treat chronic back pain and neck pain conditions and I personalize treatment for each of my patients based on their condition. The DRS Protocol treatment is well-regarded in the medical community and it has been highly successful for our patients here at Busch Chiropractic .

If you are considering surgery, I would urge you to give some thought to the potential consequences:

Before considering back surgery, I strongly urge you to schedule a visit to our office and learn more about the successes we have had with the DRS Protocol and the other customized, patient-focused treatments we provide. You can live pain free; and you can get there without surgery.

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