Top Benefits of Chiropractic

As the clock ticks down the last few hours of 2014, we take a look back on the year and the progress we've made. 2014 was a great year for chiropractic. Chiropractic care is quickly becoming one of the first choices for people who are suffering with a wide range of health conditions including back pain, neck pain, spinal degeneration, and leg pain.. In 2014, a wealth of studies have demonstrated the benefits of chiropractic for everyone including senior citizens and pregnant women. 

The top 5 chiropractic studies of 2014 include:

1. Chiropractic Adjustments Boost Antioxidant Levels

2. Chiropractic Care Keeps Seniors Mobile and Active

3. Chiropractic is Safe and Effective for Back Pain During Pregnancy

4. Chiropractic Reduces Herniated Disc Pain

5. Chiropractic Boosts Recovery from Ankle Sprains

For a complete list, and to read the top 14 chiropractic studies of 2014, visit

At Busch Chiropractic, we look forward to seeing what the new year brings and helping patients relieve their pain to live a healthier, happier, pain-free life! From everyone at Busch Chiropractic in Fort Wayne, Happy New Year!

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