No surgery needed on a bulging disc with The DRS Protocol

Jackson was in his early thirties when he started to notice leg pain on a daily basis. After a year of having leg pain, he went to his family physician for help. He was prescribed steroids and pain medication to relieve the pain. When it became apparent that the medication was not working, he was sent for several injections.  At first, the injections did help but the pain always returned. That is when his physician sent him for an MRI to see what was causing his pain. The scan showed that Jackson had a bulging disc in his lower back around his L-5. His physician knew then that there was not anything that he could do for him, but send him to a specialist.

After seeing a neurologist, Jackson learned that he had more than just a bulging disc. He also had two pinched nerves contributing to his leg pain. The neurologist then told Jackson that he needed back surgery. This was not something that Jackson wanted to do after seeing what his own father had went through after a back surgery. When he went to his dad and told him about his condition and that he did not want to have surgery, his father recommended that he call The Busch Chiropractic Center about The DRS Protocol™.

It did not take much convincing to get Jackson to call and make an appointment to see Dr. Busch. Anything was worth a try if it meant he didn’t need to have surgery. Once he learned he was a perfect candidate for The DRS Protocol™, Jackson immediately knew he needed to go through with the treatment.

After just one treatment, he saw a significant amount of relief from his pain. Just after a month of treatment, Jackson could say that he was virtually pain free. He is also back to doing all daily activities without pain! He thanks Dr. Busch and his staff from saving him from back surgery and would recommend The DRS Protocol™ to anyone with a back injury.

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