How to Avoid Back Pain

A study from the University of North Carolina says that nearly 80% of Americans will experience back pain at some point in their lives. As we're heading into the holidays, Dr. Busch of Busch Chiropractic visits WANE-TV's Medical Minute to discuss the warning signs of back pain, tips on how to avoid back pain, and when you should see a chiropractor.

"So often we try to manage back pain as opposed to a more proactive approach," says Dr. Busch. "A lot of people have chronic lower back pain or chronic neck pain, or even radiating pain and they don't pay attention to it. What we've found is that it's a lot easier for us to help those patients avoid problems later on if we just actually start to manage the pain a little sooner rather than waiting until it really becomes a problem. And what we've also found is that if we can actually manage them earlier, we can help them avoid where those problems become to a point where they need to actually start addressing things with the DRS Protocol or with surgery later on if they get to a point where their pain isn't able to be managed conservatively anymore." 

Tips to Avoid Back Pain

So, how do you avoid back pain? Dr. Busch gives the following advice -- get in shape!

  1. Exercise your core
  2. Stretch your hamstrings
  3. Correct your post
  4. Lift heavy object correctly
  5. Be a savvy athlete 

When to visit a chiropractor

Chronic muscle spasms and headaches are symptoms that something isn't right. If you notice these symptoms or start to experience back or neck pain or have been limiting your mobility because of the pain, don't wait. Many times, especially during the holidays, many people put off seeking help because they're too busy, however, this could lead to more damage to your back or neck. Contact Fort Wayne Chiropractor, Dr. Busch at the early sign of pain to avoid it becoming a more serious problem down the road.

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