Fit after 50 for Pain Relief and Mobility

Tips for Staying Active and Pain-Free as We Age

As we age, exercising and staying fit becomes less about having a swimsuit body and more about staying healthy. We all know that being active holds many health benefits, including increased energy levels and stronger bones and muscles. Sadly though, as many of us get older we become more and more sedentary. The cause for this may stem from weight gain, pain when moving, and/or fear of injury. It's very important for older adults to realize that with the right activity regimen -- and with the help and advice of your doctor -- remaining active can be an important part of your life. Exercise and regular activity can help relieve pain and stiffness and ward off disease and depression. Studies show that older adults who exercise are more mobile and independent. And some studies even suggest that exercise can maintain or even improve certain aspects of cognitive function as we age.

It's important that older adults regularly get a mix of four types of exercise:

  1. endurance
  2. strengthening
  3. stretching
  4. balance

Exercise can be described at an activity that is structured and repetitive, such as tai chi, tennis, swimming, etc. But any type of physical activity -- like gardening, walking the dog, cleaning the house -- is good for you. And specialists recommend maintaining a mixture of both as we age. Doing activities outside has the added benefit of exposure to fresh air and Vitamin D from sunlight.

Exercise Recommendations for Older Adults

If you are adding new activities to your routine, clear any of these suggestions with your doctor first.

Consider taking classes or joining a gym -- social interaction is important at any stage of life. And buddying up with an exercise partner increases the likelihood that you will stick with your program. Chiropractic care, with its drug-free and non-invasive approach, can also be an important part of pain relief and staying active as you age.

You are never to old to start! Make regular physical activity and exercise a part of your life now to improve your health and maintain independence as you age. Dr. Busch at Busch Chiropractic in Fort Wayne can help you address current pain issues and develop a treatment plan to relive your pain and allow you to become more physically active. Because of Dr. Busch's commitment to “Patient Centered Healthcare,” he closely works with each patient to determine and customize the very best treatment options -- no matter your age. Busch Chiropractic understands the specific needs and concerns of aging adults and our entire staff is committed to making your healthcare experience with us as comfortable, easy and positive as possible.

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