DRS Protocol vs Back Surgery for Herniated Disc Treatment

Herniated Disc Treatment: DRS Protocol vs. Surgery

Professional treatment for a herniated disc -- one of the most common causes of back pain -- has been evolving rapidly. Not so long ago, back surgery was the standard approach for treating this painful condition. However, chiropractors have always promoted consistent conservative treatment over surgery and medical doctors are following suit as well. With more and more doctors turning to conservative care, it is now the accepted approach for the treatment of herniated discs as well as other back pain conditions such as degenerative disc disease and sciatica.

When herniated, discs -- the cushioning tissue in between each spinal vertebrae -- cause irritation in the nerves that run next to them. Herniated discs (also known as "slipped" or "ruptured" discs) can occur from repeated stress on the spine, from a traumatic injury or from the unavoidable wear of aging. Herniated discs generally lead to neck or back pain, numbness, tingling or weakness in arms or legs of the patient.

What Is the DRS Protocol?

Over 15 years ago, Fort Wayne chiropractor, Dr. Richard E. Busch, III of Busch Chiropractic, developed the DRS Protocol for the treatment of herniated discs and other painful neck and back conditions. The DRS Protocol is a safe and proven alternative to back surgery. It combines spinal decompression and a combination of chiropractic and customized treatment therapies. During treatment the pressure on the injured disc(s) is reduced and blood flow is increased to promote quicker healing.

The DRS Protocol treatment, offered only in the Fort Wayne area at the Busch Chiropractic Pain Center, has helped thousands of people regain their life without pain or down time. Utilizing a spinal decompression table, the DRS Protocol promotes the intake of water, oxygen, and nutrients into the disc area, rehydrating the disc and retracting the herniation.

The great thing about the DRS Protocol is that it's non-invasive, drug-free, pain-free, and allows you to continue working and enjoying life without needed recovery time.

Problems With Back Surgery

Studies have shown that results from surgically versus non-surgically treated back pain patients found no difference in mobility improvement. Increasingly, evidence indicates that a number of post-surgical problems call the effectiveness of back surgery into question. Common issues that arise after back surgery include:

Non Surgical Herniated Disc Treatment in Fort Wayne

Dr. Busch promotes a conservative care first approach for all patients. He has successfully treated thousands of patients suffering from back pain due to herniated discs with the DRS Protocol. The DRS Protocol is a safe, pain-free alternative to back surgery. It is also highly effective in the treatment of other chronic pain conditions such as degenerative disc disease, sciatica, and spinal stenosis.

Consider the risks of surgery if you are suffering from herniated discs or other painful back conditions. At Busch Chiropractic in Fort Wayne we would be happy to explain to you the non-surgical options offered at our facility. Dr. Busch is renowned for his ability to successfully customize treatments to allow his patients to find relief from pain and return to an active and healthy lifestyle. To find out if you're a candidate for the DRS Protocol treatment for herniated discs, call (260) 471-4090 to schedule an appointment today.

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