Don’t Let Chronic Pain Ruin Your Holidays

Don't Let Chronic Pain Ruin Your Holidays

The holidays are a busy time of year for any family. Between running back and forth to the mall for gifts, preparing the house for holiday visitors, and cooking a delicious turkey meal, there is simply no time to waste. This time of year is an especially difficult one to be dealing with chronic pain.

Read on to find out about some steps you can take to deal with chronic pain without having to resort to painkillers or invasive procedures.

1. Yoga

Doctors from all around the world have started to take particular interest in yoga and its potential use as a treatment for chronic pain. Yoga is intended to calm and relax the mind, but many people have reported success in treating pain through this ancient practice. One reason yoga may be so successful at treating pain is the types of stretches done. Stretching helps treat pain by elongating the muscles to add mobility, and improving circulation to the necessary pain areas. Specific stretches can help different types of pain from sciatic nerve pain to lower back pain.Making yoga part of your daily routine shouldn't be difficult this holiday season. By taking advantage of daylight savings and waking up half an hour early, you can get a great session of yoga in to start your day off right. Yoga also serves as a great activity for your entire family to enjoy.

2. Better Sleep

The average adult should try to get between 7-9 hours of sleep every night. If you're one of many Americans not getting that kind of rest, there's a good chance it is contributing to your chronic pain. A recent study concluded that sleep complaints are present in about 67-88% of patients who report chronic pain. To get to the root of your problem, it may be time to get to bed at a more appropriate hour. Sleep also contributes to your ability to tolerate pain. While it is always beneficial to get to the root of your problem, fully dealing with chronic pain is a long-term endeavor. For this holiday season, making an effort to add some hours to your sleep schedule may make you more tolerant of all kinds of pain.

3. Chiropractors and Chronic Pain

A chiropractor's job is to help you deal with pain through spinal manipulation. While that may sound scary, it is a relatively simple, non-surgical procedure through which a chiropractor applies pressure to your spinal area in order to relieve tension causing your pain. If yoga and an improved sleep cycle aren't fully doing the trick, it may be high time to see a chiropractor. Your first appointment will be an introductory session where the doctor will examine your back to understand where your spine is misaligned. Then, you will get an understanding of how the adjustments will be done and what type of adjustments will be performed.


With a combination of yoga, sleep, and a trusted chiropractor, your chronic pain will be gone, or well improved, just in time for this holiday season. If you're ready to deal with your pain without the use of drugs or invasive procedures, make an appointment with one of our specialists today!

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