Charles no longer suffers from his bulging disc thanks to The DRS Protocol

Charles loved having family gatherings at the lake; his favorite thing was to have a fish fry. He enjoyed being out on the lake spending the day fishing with his son and grandchildren preparing for the feast. For the last 2 years, Charles was not able to fish because he had back pain and his leg would go numb when he would sit for long periods of time. He could not remember doing anything that would have caused this to happen.  He had pain that was so intense that he had days he couldn’t get out of bed. He tried to manage it with pain medication and had even had an epidural shot once that only seemed to help for a short period of time. Charles had gotten to the point that he was starting to get depressed. He knew that he needed to find some way to rid himself of the awful pain he was having.

While reading the paper one weekend, Charles came across an article about The DRS Protocol™.  After he finished reading the article, he decided to call and make an appointment. After talking to Dr. Busch, Charles found out that he had a bulging disc in his lower back and The DRS Protocol™ would help alleviate the pain and numbness that he was experiencing. Charles decided to start treatments right away.

After just a couple treatments, Charles was nearly pain free! Today Charles is completely pain free and able to do all the things he loves to do with his family. He is so thankful for Dr. Busch and his caring staff for giving him his life back. Charles continues to send anyone that he knows suffering with lower back pain to see Dr. Busch first.

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