A Chiropractors Year in Review

fort wayne chiropractor year in review

Looking Back, Looking Forward

As we are  a couple weeks into the New Year, I have been reflecting on the past year and turning an eye to our hopes for the future. In 2015, my staff at Busch Chiropractic and I were fortunate to have helped so many patients who were convinced that living with chronic pain was just a fact of life that they had to accept. Many of them had given up hope that they would ever find pain relief. We were able to change that attitude and bring hope and health instead. We saw the positive changes that our chiropractic care, nonsurgical treatments, and healthy-living advice brought to patients who were suffering from herniated discs, sciatica, neuropathy, and other forms of chronic back and neck pain.

We thank all of them for choosing Busch Chiropractic and are so appreciative of the opportunity they gave us to help them live pain-free. For many, a visit to our chiropractic clinic was a “last-ditch effort” after years of pain medications, injections, and even failed back surgeries. They had tried everything but were still living with chronic pain. Fortunately, the DRS Protocol and the other proven treatment methods we use at Busch Chiropractic, continue to provide phenomenal results for our patients. In 2015, we enjoyed witnessing so many of our patients finding enjoyment in life again — becoming healthier and engaging in activities that they thought were only in their past.

I am thrilled and proud that my team and I have been allowed to positively impact the lives of so many people. If persistent pain is a part of your daily life, please put “visit Busch Chiropractic” at the top of your New Year’s Resolutions! In 2016, we look forward to continuing to help patients discover the healthy, happy, pain-free life they deserve.

Here’s wishing you the joy of living life to its fullest in 2016!
Dr. Richard E. Busch III
Busch Chiropractic, Fort Wayne Chiropractor

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