6 Stretches For Sciatic Pain Relief

sciatic pain relief

Do you suffer from sciatica and need to find immediate sciatica pain relief? There is good news! We've discovered the top six stretches for you to do to give yourself sciatica pain relief whenever it flares up. Yoga stretches are very effective and statistically proven ways to relieve short-term and long-term pain that you experience from these flares.

These 6 options are the best stretches to complete throughout the day or right before bedtime.

1. Pigeon Pose

The pigeon pose is our first stretch suggestion. It's easy to do and can be done from anywhere. You will need space to stretch your legs out in front of you, and that's about it.

To complete this stretch do the following:

2. Pulling Your Knee To Your Shoulder

Another great stretch is when you are lying flat on your back and you pull one knee to the opposite side of your shoulder.

To complete this next stretch, please do the following motions:

3. Seated Spinal Stretch

Stretching your spinal cord region is also another effective method to sciatica pain relief. Since the sciatica pain is often linked to compression in the spine, it's important to focus on this area of the body. This stretch can help with lower back pain, too.

To do this type of spinal stretch get into this position:

4. Knee Marches

One more option to provide your body with sciatica pain relief is to perform knee marches.

When your knees go stiff, you can hardly move them. Performing these exercises can eliminate that pain.

5. Hamstring Stretch

Let's discuss one more method to helping your sciatica pain. Stretching your hamstrings out is also vital to eliminating the pain you feel in your legs, as hamstring tightness can hurt.

6. Sciatica Pain Relief With Chest To Knees

One of the most basic stretches that can soothe your pain is bringing your knees to your chest while sitting on the floor. 

Talk to your doctor about what types of stretches to do for your body's needs. Need to see a chiropractor? Call us at Busch Chiropractic and learn more about our services.

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