5 Lumbar Stretches to Relieve Back Pain

stretches to help relieve back pain

Lower back pain is tough, and it isn't rare. Over 31 million Americans experience lower back pain chronically. It may seem like there is nothing one can do to eliminate lower back pain from their life, short of seeing a chiropractor. While seeing a chiropractor should definitely be a priority if your back pain is negatively affecting your life because they can help relieve chronic pain conditions without drastic treatment methods.

There are ways to keep back pain at bay. Lumbar stretches are one of many ways to treat and prevent acute lower back pain at home. We put together a guide to five different lumbar stretches that can give you much-needed relief from back pain. Check out these innovative stretches below!

Five Lumbar Stretches To Fight Back Pain

Lumbar stretches are stretches that target and activate the lower lumbar musculature of the body. "Lumbar" is a term that refers to the lower abdominal part of the body below the diaphragm. This area includes the lower spine and the complex muscles in this area that can both cause and relieve back pain. No one deserves to live with chronic back pain. These handy lumbar stretches are a great way to relieve back aches and pains.

5. Piriformis Stretch

To do this seated stretch, sit down with your legs cross. Cross one leg over the thigh of your other leg, and pull your knee away from your hip. This stretch can help elongate the piriformis muscle and improve sciatica pain.

4. The Lying Knee Twist

One of the best lumbar stretches around, the lying knee twist targets and stretches the paraspinal muscles as well as your abs. A strong core leads to better back health, so many of these stretches will target your abdominal muscles as well.

To do a lying knee twist, start by lying on your back with your legs straight. Bend your left knee and cross it over the right side of your body. Be sure to keep it as straight as possible. Hold this position for twenty to thirty seconds, then switch to the right side. You will feel a stretch in your glutes and stomach muscles.

3. The Cobra Stretch

To perform this stretch, lay down on your stomach. Prop your upper body up on your elbows in a sort of sphinx pose. Slowly lift yourself up, keeping your lower body stationary. This stretch can help ease tight abdominal and lower back muscles.

2. The Cat To Cow

This yoga move is well known among yoga enthusiasts, and it works wonders for your back. For this stretch, get on your hands and knees. Be sure to keep your knees parallel with your hips and your hands parallel with your shoulders. Round your back and dip your head downward. Hold this position for a few seconds, then dip your back towards the floor and lift your head. Repeat at least ten to fifteen times.

1. Restful Child Stretch

This yoga pose can provide instant relief to lower back pain. Sit on your knees with your feet tucked behind you. Lift your arms straight into the air and place them palms down onto the floor. Stretch your arms as far as possible. Hold this pose for thirty seconds, then flip your arms back with the palms facing the sky.

How was our guide to lumbar stretches for back pain relief? Tell us what you think, along with your own back pain treatment tricks, in the comments below!

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