New Book Aims at Helping People Suffering with Chronic Neck Pain Conditions

Fort Wayne Chiropractor and author co-writes Neck Pain Survival Guide

Fort Wayne IN, February 2015

Dr. Richard E. Busch III of Busch Chiropractic Pain Center has announced the publishing of “Neck Pain – Why Your Neck Hurts and What You Can Do About It,” the most recent book by nationally published author Dr. Peter G. Fernandez, D.C., in which Dr. Busch is a contributing author.Chiropractor and Author Dr. Busch - Fort Wayne, IN

According to the National Pain Foundation, back and neck pain are the most common chronic pain conditions.

Fernandez Press published this book which includes illustrations and sections on reducing neck strains in daily life, neck-proofing your world, and neck strengthening exercises.

Neck Pain Relief Secrets Book - Why Your Neck Hurts
Dr. Richard E. Busch III is a nationally known chiropractor, speaker, and author of "Surgery Not Included: Freedom from Chronic Neck and Back Pain," published in 2009, discusses the causes of back and neck pain conditions and the success of non-surgical treatment with the DRS Protocol™.  Dr. Busch said, “I always encourage people to be proactive about their health. I’ve found that pain – especially neck pain – is one of the few things that motivate people to take immediate action. By educating people in advance about steps they can take to minimize flare-ups, I hope to reduce the physical and mental stress that they experience.”


Books can be ordered by calling Busch Chiropractic Pain Center at 1-888- 471-4090.