Thanks to the Neuropathy Protocol

Macy suffered from severe neuropathy in the feet and legs bilaterally. These symptoms of numbness, tingling, burning, cold sensations, and stabbing pains kept Macy from doing many normal daily activities such as walking to the mailbox and cleaning her home. Macy even began to stay home rather than being involved in family functions and other activities.

Macy had a friend that recently went through the Neuropathy Protocol™ at the Busch Chiropractic Center. Her friend had amazing results and no longer suffers from neuropathy symptoms. After witnessing these changes Macy knew she had to go to the clinic as well.

She was able to set up an appointment for an evaluation and x-ray with Dr. Busch. Following this examination Dr. Busch diagnosed her with peripheral neuropathy and explained in detail the treatment he was recommending for her.

Macy is pleased to say that after only a short time her neuropathy symptoms have drastically decreased. She is now able to perform tasks around her home as well as be involved in activities outside the home again. She is so thankful to have her life back!

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