Helen no longer suffers with a bulging disc after The DRS Protocol

Helen was out on her morning walk for about 20 minutes when she started to notice that her lower legs were feeling achy and tingling. She had never had this sensation when walking before so she went home and rested for a little while and the pain and tingling subsided. Later that day, she was doing some work in the kitchen and noticed the achiness and tingling returning again and yet once again, with rest, the symptoms subsided. It was then that she began to think that she might have something more serious going on, so she went to see her physician.

After having a MRI done, her physician told her that her leg pain and tingling was coming from a disc in her lower back pressing on her nerve. She was then put on an anti-inflammatory and pain medication to try and reduce any inflammation and relieve the pressure off of the nerve. The medication helped Helen feel better for a short period of time, but when the pain came back and was starting to become more intense and more frequent it was suggested that she talk with a surgeon. Surgery was not something Helen wanted to do. She thought that there had to be some other option out there.

On her way home, she heard an advertisement on the radio for The DRS Protocol™ at The Busch Chiropractic Center and began to wonder if this was something that could help her. The only way she would find out was to call and schedule an appointment for a consultation. It was at that consultation that she learned she did have other options besides medications and surgery.

In just a week after starting treatment, Helen was shocked by the noticeable changes with her pain. She was able to be on her feet longer with less pain. After a few more weeks of treatments, she started to notice the tingling was covering a smaller area in her legs. Since starting The DRS Protocol™, Helen has been able to return to her everyday life activities and her morning walks. After finishing her DRS Protocol™ treatments, Helen no longer suffers from any leg pain or numbness. Helen knows that she made the right decision going with The DRS Protocol™ at The Busch Chiropractic Center.

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