Ted is no longer fearing amputation with the help from the Neuropathy Protocol

Ted has been suffering with diabetes for the past 28 years, a few years ago he developed neuropathy causing him to have complete numbness of his feet. While walking around his house one afternoon, he cut his foot. The cut became infected and the sore became larger, over taking a good portion of his heel. After going to his medical doctor, she gave him the bad news, the infection had gotten worse, and he was facing amputation.

Ted’s wife heard about the Busch Chiropractic Pain Center and the Neuropathy Protocol™ and she called right away. Ted went through a complete evaluation with Dr. Busch and found out he was a candidate for the Neuropathy Protocol™. By his next appointment with his medical doctor he was surprised to find out the cut was 80% healed and he no longer had to fear amputation!

Today, Ted is no longer walking with a cane or walker, he can freely walk up and down stairs without any problems. He is so grateful for Dr.Busch and the Neuropathy Protocol™ for giving him his life back and saving his foot!

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