Ruth is able to play the piano again thanks to the Busch Chiropractic Neuropathy Protocol

Growing up, Ruth enjoyed playing the piano with her mother. They would practice every night laughing and singing together. As an adult she taught piano lessons. Ruth loved to watch the children learn the keys and notes of the music.
Over the past few months Ruth began having numbness, tingling, and burning sensations in her feet, legs and even in her hands. The pain from this became so severe that she was unable to continue teaching lessons as she was unable to use her feet and hands properly. 

After being seen by her family doctor she was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy and he put her on Lyrica. Although this lessened the intensity of her symptoms for a short while it did not take the pain away completely.
One morning Ruth saw an advertisement for the Busch Chiropractic Center featuring the Neuropathy Protocol™. She was experiencing all of the symptoms mentioned in the advertisement. Ruth was able to schedule an appointment for the very next day to have an exam and x-ray completed by Dr. Busch.

Ruth began the Neuropathy Protocol™ and within just a few short weeks her symptoms had drastically decreased. She is now able to resume teaching piano lessons and Ruth is even playing on her own as well for fun. Ruth is so thankful for the Busch Chiropractic Center for giving her life back.

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