Laura is now pain free thanks to the Neuropathy Protocol

Laura was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy by her family physician four months ago. Her doctor prescribed Gabapentin to help relieve her severe symptoms of numbness, tingling, and burning sensations in the feet and legs.

The Gabapentin lessened the intensity of her symptoms for about a month and then they returned. Laura knew she could not continue taking the medication on a long-term basis.

One day she saw a commercial featuring the Busch Chiropractic Center and the Neuropathy Protocol™. Laura was experiencing all of the symptoms that were mentioned in the commercial. She called and set up a consultation for the very next day.
After Dr. Busch performed the neuropathy exam and performed an x-ray he diagnosed her with peripheral neuropathy.

Laura began treatment with the Neuropathy Protocol™ and after only three weeks of treatment she was noting improvement. Laura no longer has numbness or burning sensations in her feet and legs, she is so thankful she found the Busch Chiropractic Center.

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