Julie is now pain free from her herniated disc with surgery! The DRS Protocol

Julie had been out working in the yard when she noticed some lower back pain. Lying in bed for a day or two completely alleviated the pain, so she continued to go on with her daily routines once she felt better.  About a year later, she had been out shoveling the snow when she noticed the same lower back that she had previously dealt with. Once more, a few days of rest alleviated the pain and then she was back on her feet. Several months later, when she was out gardening, the pain again returned.  This time, she was unable to get the pain to subside.

After six weeks of excruciating pain, Julie was ready to see what type of treatment was available for her condition. The advertising of The Busch Chiropractic Center and The DRS Protocol™ seemed to relate to her pain and actual condition of her back. Julie decided that this was the treatment that she wanted to give a try. Once she had her initial consultation, she had no doubt she was in the right place. Dr. Busch explained to her that she was dealing with a herniated disc in her lower spine and that was the reason the pain kept returning. Julie was very pleased to learn that The DRS Protocol™ was an option for her. She vowed to do everything The DRS Protocol™ asked of her.

When she first started the program she did have soreness, but within a few weeks, Julie was starting to notice that her pain was both less intense and less frequent. With every week of treatment, she saw her progress moving forward and gaining more relief. By the end of her treatments, she had not only the courage but the confidence to tackle the previous activities she was involved in as a homemaker. She definitely has no doubt in the decision she made. She is now able to do all daily activities without the worry of her pain returning.

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