Alyssa no longer suffers with sciatic pain in the left leg thanks to The DRS Protocol

One night, Alyssa woke up with severe sciatica pain in her left leg. After having minimal and temporary improvement from chiropractic treatments, she decided to see a neurosurgeon.  An MRI revealed she was suffering from degenerative disc disease in her lower back. It was suggested by the surgeon that she have surgical decompression of the nerve. She decided to stay with the conservative chiropractic treatment, therapy and exercise. Alyssa would feel great immediately following a treatment but her pain was slowly becoming worse. She was now unable to ride in a car for more than 5 minutes due to the increase of pain that she would experience. Alyssa did not want to have surgery but knew that she needed to find a treatment that would work with her condition.

After seeing a TV advertisement for The Busch Chiropractic Center and The DRS Protocol™, Alyssa knew that she needed to call and schedule a consultation. During her initial visit, she received a very thorough exam and doctor Busch went over everything with her in details. She was told that The DRS Protocol™ was a treatment that would help her condition. That is when she knew that The DRS Protocol™ was the treatment for her.

After just a few treatments, Alyssa felt considerable relief. Since then, she has had nothing but significant positive results. She could feel that her lumbar spine had good stabilization and overall the pain in her leg was decreasing. The limp that she was walking with from the sciatica pain was now gone as well. She would recommend The Busch Chiropractic Center and The DRS Protocol™ to anyone because it is a safe and painless non-surgical treatment as well as a comfortable and relaxing experience for the patient.

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