After suffering with a herniated disc for 10 years, Josh is now pain free with The DRS Protocol

Josh was tired of dealing with constant pain. For over 10 years, he had been dealing with pain in the low back, hip and leg, which was the result of a herniated disc in the lower back. No matter what he did, the pain would never go away. For several years, he had been trying to find a solution that didn’t involve surgery.

Josh had tried physical therapy, injections, pain management, and chiropractic adjustments.  All of these had helped temporarily but never gave him complete relief from his pain. After his last injection, Josh swore that would be his last one.

One afternoon, while looking through the paper, Josh came across an article about Dr. Busch and The DRS Protocol™. After reading the article that had similar stories, Josh was convinced that this treatment was exactly what would help him. Josh decided that he wanted to call to set up an appointment to see if The DRS Protocol™ was an option for him.

After meeting Dr. Busch, Josh actually had a glimmer of hope that he could live a pain free life again. Josh started treatments and within a week he was starting to have periods of time that he wasn’t having the intense pain that he had before. After a few months, Josh was completely pain free! Josh is now able to do all of his normal activities without any pain! He is so thankful to Dr. Busch and his staff for giving him his life back.

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