Back Surgery Avoided With DRS Protocol Treatment

Dear Dr. Busch,

Upon coming to you last summer, I was about to succumb to yet another probably needless back operation. I had been hearing your ads on the radio and decided to at least talk to you regarding treatment. After my first visit I was so encouraged that I didn’t even think about it over night, I just signed up on the spot. The determining factor was a statement you made about not wanting to even try treating me if you didn’t think you could help. You even went as far as to tell me that if you couldn’t help you could refer me to a surgeon. Your reasoning was that you wouldn’t work on anyone that you KNEW you couldn’t help.

Regardless of the money, the last person you would ever want around was someone that you were unable to help which made way too much sense. I had lived every day since my operation with pretty severe lower back pain and pretty much had accepted the fact that it would never get any better. The problem was that in the last few years it’s just continued to get worse. That’s when I came to see you.

The first week was pretty grueling. I was kind of whining like a little girl, but within a week I found the treatments quite relaxing, especially the electrical stimulation following each treatment. Most of my life is quite comfortable now. Sometimes in the morning or after one of my stupid antics I have a little pain down there, but it goes away. This hasn’t ever happened before and I am quite pleased.

I would like to thank you again for figuring out just what it was that I needed and taking charge. You are really quite a nice and devoted person and it’s quite obvious that you take a personal interest in your patients. Also, your staff has to be commended for all of their help in dealing with a person like me. They are all so professional and set your patients at ease from the very first day.

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