An Answered Prayer

Dear Dr. Busch,

I strained my low back on November 26 by lifting furniture out of my basement. The next weekend was Guard duty and I saw the doctor on the Base. He told me to see my family doctor and he (my doctor) gave me some prescriptions for muscle relaxants and pain killers.

By December 13th my pain was getting worse. I saw a local chiropractor that week for three days straight. My pain was less intense . . . January 1st something slipped and pinched the nerves in my back. The pain was so great; I could not find any good position to be in. For ten hours I put up with the pain before my wife took me to the ER at the hospital. There (ER) they gave me a shot and prescriptions for muscle relaxants and pain pills, I was in so much pain I could not go to work. The best and most comfortable position was lying on my stomach. The pain was still great and when I walked I had a bad limp.By Saturday night, January 8th, I couldn’t sleep through the night, even on the pain killers. I started to pray for comfort, asking why am I suffering like this! The pain would not go away. Sunday morning I sat up in bed and turned on the television. I saw the information about the Busch Chiropractic Pain Center and Dr. Busch. I never turn on the television before going to church; I felt it was an answer to a prayer for me. I went to church, in pain, and saw a lady who had visited Busch Chiropractic and she recommended that I see Dr. Busch. I made and appointment and saw Dr. Busch for a consultation. I started to receive treatment (DRS™) on Thursday and Friday (the 13th and 14th of January), by Monday half the sharp pain was gone and I was feeling 50% better. Since then it has been a gradual healing process. (Now) I feel 100% back to normal for walking and lifting. After a nine hour work day of walking on concrete floors, I have a little left foot tenderness and slight toe numbness. I just want to thank Dr. Busch and the staff at the Busch Chiropractic Pain Center for taking care of my injury and bringing me back to a quick recovery. I know God led me to you!

- E.B.

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