Chronic Pain Treatment Chiropractic DRS Protocol Dr. Busch Fort Wayne

Chronic Pain Treatment Using Chiropractic DRS Protocol

Chronic Pain Treatment with Chiropractic DRS Protocol Dr. BuschChronic Pain is Defined as Pain that Lasts Beyond the Normal Time to Heal from an Injury. This is commonly thought of as four to six weeks, but some choose two to three months. Chronic Pain that persists once the body has healed, can be categorized into two large groups. The first group would include individuals who have a Chronic Disease such as osteoarthritis or degenerative disc disease and they will have Chronic Pain Which Means Ongoing or Continual because their disease and degeneration continually progresses. The second group includes those who have healed from the initial incident, but are not fully relieved of pain. The Pain Persists or Continues for no apparent reason. This can occur for numerous reasons, including the fact that the body may have compensated for the injury and that compensation now causes more pain. The body may have created scar tissue or adhesion, a natural mechanism for healing. However, the scar tissue itself may be pressing on nerves of within the scar tissue, there may be trapped nerve fibers and that is what is causing more pain. Chronic Pain may also be the result of Ongoing Acute Pain. Long Term Pain can also come from unknown causes, but this Does Not Invalidate the Patient's Perception of Pain. Pain occurs for a reason, and if it persists, there is a problem. One problem is that not all patient's with similar conditions develop chronic pain, and it is not understood why some people develop chronic pain and others do not. A Thorough Exam and Consultation Can Help Determine The Cause of A Patient's Long Term, or Chronic Pain.

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